Knitted mattresses

By purchasing new modern knitting machines Wamatex enhanced its offer with a wide range of designs and patterns of ViLusso jacquard mattress knitted fabrics

In our offer you will find all kinds of knitted fabrics with various patterns, material composition and grammage. We produce knitted fabrics ranging from 100 g/m2 to 700 g/m2. Thanks to our large stock of yarns, we can manufacture, in a short time, products composed of various raw materials.

The fact that that our company has its own dyeing and finishing plant is our unquestionable asset, which places it high among others in the industry. Thanks to these facilities, we manufacture, finish and refine knitted fabrics in our own factory. Such a comprehensive in-house production process of mattress knitted fabrics guarantees fulfilling the top quality requirements and offering various finishing applications: antibacterial, silver-nanoparticles, aloe-vera, fragrance, anti-piling, flame-retardant and many others.

Moreover, we are open to design our products with our customers. We provide you with the opportunity to cooperate with us in terms of design, in order to develop your individual design/pattern or place your logo on a mattress knitted fabric. We appreciate the significance of quality and original design, therefore we value long-term cooperation based on the principles of mutual trust and partnership.


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