Quality policy

Our most important objective is to expand further by maintaining our current client base, gaining new clients and enriching our offer.

We set high standards for ourselves and constantly raise our qualifications, creating an environment which stimulates the improvement of organisation and work efficiency. The workers’ knowledge of QA rules, their participation and engagement in their work constitutes our credibility, competitiveness and, as a consequence, contributes to our further development. .

We achieve the designated quality through:

  • 1) Uur employees’ commitment to provide services which meet the client’s requirements.
  • 2) Implementing and maintaining a QA system which allows for the proper organisation of work, ensuring client and worker satisfaction.
  • 3) Constantly improving the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Quality serves the purpose of achieving the strategic goal of a positive economic outcome and competitiveness on the service market. The board of directors is committed to constantly improve our Quality Management System and provide the resources necessary for its proper functioning.